As much I love to play CTF (Capture the Flag) contest, I love spreading the knowledge around it too. You must have gone through my videos on Youtube and courses on Upgrad, Udemy, and FindMeMentor.

Recently, I have partnered with Hacking the People, an organization from Chile that is promoting cybersecurity knowledge by organizing conferences and workshops. Feel free to check out their work. This year @2021, I along with these wonderful people, are organizing the HackBox CTF.

Hacking the People CTF 0x1

The CTF starts on 10th April 2021, at 1100 ET. Here is the link if you want to register for the CTF. The CTF is targeted at beginners. So don’t worry if you are new to cybersecurity, just participate and give it a try. You can visit my blog for some juicy stuff, I post.

Just in case if you want training in cybersecurity, feel free to shoot me an email.

All the best!!!